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Newsletter n. 19

Genova: the attractiveness of a city between sea and mountain

In a country such as Italy, located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the port cities represent real attractors both for flows of people and commercial flows. During 2017, the national ports have moved goods for more than 498 million tons, while 51 million passengers passed through Italian ports in the same year.

The number of this newsletter focuses on Genoa, the second Italian port city for flows of goods and fourth for flows of people. The main evidences on Genoa’s attractiveness will be shown – also in terms of comparison with other port cities (TOP 20 – for flows of goods and people).

Genoa, moreover, is involved in an important redevelopment project for the waterfront: a tender is currently underway (published here by Investinitalyrealestate.com) aimed at selling the area to be valorised, whose deadline is set at July 31, 2018.

To download the report on the city of Genoa click here.

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