Amaro (UD) Business Hotel Porta della Carnia

A business hotel with a strong multidisciplinary vocation, where innovation and industrial production meet the high local craftsmanship, in a perfect and strategic location for the development of the business relationships of Friuli Venezia Giulia’s mountain area.
Dedicated to those who plan a long stay, but also to those who work with a portable office and need a place where to work during the day and stay overnight: an excellent base of operations with secretarial service, temporary office, even with the daily use formula.

Via Prometeo Candoni - Amaro (UD)


Permitted uses
Commercial, Office, Parking Area, Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
9,353 m²
Total GIA (m²)
State of maintenance and repair
Demolition and new construction
Risk profile
The project involves the construction of a Business Hotel in the area immediately north-east of the roundabout at the motorway exit “A23-Carnia”, in the Industrial Area of Amaro (UD). This area is currently almost completely abandoned and dilapidated (there is only one coffee bar). The purpose is to enhance the site through the definition of new projects for the reuse of the area and a urban regeneration.

The designed building has two souls characterized by distinct habitats:

·       the central part is glazed and filtered by a sunshade system that characterizes the hotel front; it is destined to host the real receptive activity;

·       the side parts are more dynamic and represent their mountain location, because geometrically faceted.

The first two floors are a continuous graft between the two environments and denote the public and versatile life of the hotel, the meeting point for all kind of hotel guests.

The intention is to create the side bodies in green building, with certified wood and involving local companies to support the local economy, in order to promote their productive capacity and their know-how. The common areas of the hotel can be a showcase of local craftsmanship and host sculpture/art/photography exhibitions.

The sunshade covering of the central body is made of metal to create a texture that allows the view and acts as a filter towards outside.

The structure includes public spaces with “plug and meet” areas with ergonomic seats, social tables, slate walls and presentations screens.

There is a bar, buffet and tasting area that offers to the customers local and regional products (Slow Food oriented): a 24h food area for snacks and quick meals. On the first floor – graft point of the vertical structure with the lateral bodies – is located the business lobby and some types of meeting rooms. Inside the Business lobby the space is versatile and dynamic thanks to the presence of movable walls that give the opportunity to create various configurations as needed: an exclusive space with a large living area that becomes a functional temporary office with design furniture.

In the hotel there are also common areas reserved for the wellness and care of physical and mental shape: a fitness area and an innovative multi-sensory space.

The central part of the structure contains 44 rooms of different sizes, divided over 4 floors, able to satisfy more overnight needs; 5 other rooms are located on the third floor (total 49 rooms – total 106 beds). Inside the rooms, the furnishings are made by local master craftsmen and are part of the client’s authentic Local experience.

The terrace on the top floor is a flexible area, that can be used for exclusive events and cultural food & social meetings. A part of the top floor is also dedicated to the photovoltaic system that helps to be energetically independent.

The external area of the hotel can be used as a bar, and also intercept cyclists and pedestrians from the adjacent bike rout and passing customers: a rest and leisure area, but also a commercial one, where is possible to taste local products and buy them in the dedicated shops.

On the corner of the hotel – visible from the entrance and from the external pedestrian area – is located a tourist promotion office, part of the context of the hotel, but with a separate entrance on the front.

The Business Hotel Porta della Carnia is in the center of the communication routes between northern and eastern Europe, at the “Carnia” exit of the A23, the main motorway in Friuli Venezia Giulia, that connects north-east of Italy with Austria and Slovenia.

The area where the building is located is characterized by a strong manufacturing, craft and commercial activity. It is also the first access to Carnia and its mountain valleys, the centre of local tourism, characterized by all the activities that revolve around them: in particular, cultural and sporting activities.

Near the hotel there is the main public transportation access that connect the mountain area with the chief town of Udine.

The versatility of the Hotel, while guaranteeing hospitality to tourists, is mainly projected towards the target business, considering the location: it is where the main economic and industrial realities of the area are located.

Struttura Distanza in Km
Airport – Friuli Venezia Giulia Spa 80
Airport – Venezia-Marco Polo 149
Railway Station – Udine 46
Railway Station – Carnia (UD) 5
Highway 0
Services (bus stop) 0


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ICE - Italian Trade Agency

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Amaro (UD) Business Hotel Porta della Carnia Floorplan