Bari – area for redevelopment

Area for mixed-use development - retail, services, residential and amenities - situated in Bari city centre and part of an important urban regeneration project assigned to architect Fuksas, including the creation of an urban park joining two areas of the city centre which are currently separated by the railway station.

Via Giuseppe Capruzzi - Bari (BA)


Property type
Buildable area, Commercial, Office, Residential
Land area (m²)
956,343 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Risk profile

The area is located within the boundary of the railway station and includes a former industrial area situated on the opposite side of the passenger building. It also includes spaces that are currently occupied by a car park, railway office buildings and station facilities. The area is situated within the broader project assigned by the Municipal Council to the architect Fuksas to redevelop Bari railway station for several functions and uses, including retail, business services, residential and local amenities (auditorium/performance centre and music park). The project also includes a 70 ha park extending for 3 km to be developed above and along the railway track, part of which will run underground.

The property is situated in the centre of the City of Bari (327,361 inhabitants), provincial capital (1,266,379 inhabitants) and regional capital of Puglia (4,090,105 inhabitants). The central railway station is located between the two main arteries of Corso d’Italia and Via G. Capruzzi, within the area of the broader urban redevelopment project assigned to architect Fuksas. Situated in the southern section of the city centre, the area is currently separated by the railway station, which crosses the city longitudinally, and lies in close proximity to Bari General Hospital, one of the region’s most important with over 1,500 beds and 87,000 annual admissions that is also home to Bari University’s Faculty of Medicine. The area has excellent road access and is very well served by public transportation.


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