Bologna former OMA complex – area for redevelopment


The area for redevelopment (former OMA) is located near Bologna Centrale railway station, close to the old town centre and not far from the University of Bologna. The area is suitable for the construction of student residences and related facilities.

Via Muggia, 6 - Bologna (BO)

The area for development is located near Bologna Centrale railway station, in a zone that recently became available from its railway function (former OMA area) and has access from Via Attilio Muggia. The restoration plan involves the construction of one or more buildings to be used as temporary student residences students (10,000 m² gross internal floor area), in addition to 2,000 m² to be used for recreational, cultural and sports facilities for those residences. This setup is particularly suitable for the area given the property’s location 1.2 km away from University of Bologna, the oldest university in the western world (founded in 1088) with 84,000 students. The project and the construction can start with simple building permission. The development has been adopted by the Municipality  in the new planning (POC) approved in march 2016. The tender has been published on the Ferservizi web site.

The area for redevelopment is situated close to the centre of the City of Bologna (386,181 inhabitants), capital of the province of Bologna (1,004,323 inhabitants) and regional capital of Emilia-Romagna. The area is close to Bologna Centrale railway station, a short distance from the city’s old town and within walking distance (1.2 km) of the University of Bologna. The new residences will be served by pedestrian and cycle paths, part of a series of measures to create safe routes for easy movement around the city. Easy access to the newly constructed residential complex will be from the local road network and the main artery of Via Stalingrado, a fast route between the city centre and the motorway.


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