The site, known as “Tortorelli Building” was destined to be used as residences and shops, is located in the historic centre of Bologna, a short distance from Piazza Maggiore. It’s composed of three blocks and is partially leased out. Once restored, the building could be divided, keeping it’s current purpose as residential units.

Via Val d’Aposa, 7 - 40123 Bologna (BO)


Permitted uses
Commercial, Residential
Land area (m²)
1,133 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Total GLA
Number of units

Building partially rent out with ongoing rent contracts

Year of construction
State of maintenance and repair
Occupation status
Risk profile

The site, whose oldest nucleus was built in 1200, is divided in three different, but linked, buildings, with a total of 22 units for residential and commercial use. The historic building (Block 1) is on Via Val D’Aposa (corner of Via De’ Griffoni) and it has two floors above ground and an habitable attic. The ground floor rises on an elegant portico with 7 arches, supported by brick-plastered columns with Doric rock capitals. The second building (Block 2), built along Via De’ Griffoni, doesn’t have porticos, it has a brick front and two floors above ground, with an turret in the final portion. The third building (Block 3), which completes the front of the site, parallel to the main building on Via Val D’Aposa, was built in the post-war reconstruction and has four floors above ground, with balconies on various floors. The basement is used as cellars belonging to the residential units above, accessible by a staircase from the communal hallway. The main entrance to the building is on Via Val D’Aposa, where there are the stairwells to the different blocks. The building, property of the University of Bologna “Alma Mater Studiorum”, is almost all available, a part from five residential units, still leased, four as employment compensation.

The property is located in the historic centre of Bologna (pop. 386,663), capital of the Emilia-Romagna Region (pop. 4,448,146), 350 m from Piazza Maggiore. It’s in an area restricted by the ZTL (limited traffic zzone) with various buildings with different functions: residential, managerial, commercial and administrative. There are many historic buildings of high artistic value and very important commercial routes pass through the area. The accessibility by car is not easy and parking spaces are quite scarce. The “Bologna Central” railway station FS, with High Velocity terminals, a strategic hub of national railway transport, is 2 km from the estate; the North Bypass, which permits rapid access into ‘Il Sole’ motorway (A1) and into the Adriatic motorway (A14), is 6 km from the area. The international airport (6,880,000 passengers in 2015) is about 10 km from the property.


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It’s in the heart of Bologna and the topographic centre of the city. An area with various buildings with different functions: residential, managerial, commercial and administrative. There are also little artisan buidligns. Many are historic buildings of extreme artistic value, such as those which surround the Piazza Maggiore. It’s completely restricted by the ZTL (limited traffic zone), parking spaces are scarce and very important commercial routes pass through it.

541,97 mq
Ground floor
996,16 mq
107,57 mq
First floor
858,88 mq
Second floor
737,60 mq
Third floor
232,54 mq


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BOLOGNA – TORTORELLI BUILDING (Palazzo Tortorelli) Floorplan