Real estate complex made up of many buildings, partially already used as former Police Academy for the horse services used by the Ministry of the Interior (until 2017) situated inside the Forest of Burgos, that extends itself for over 400 hectares, in the Province of Sassari, in the zone of the high-planes of Goceano. The real estate complex, in good maintenance conditions, including a historical village, an office building and a hotel and is inserted in a territory of 18 hectares.

Foresta Burgos strada provinciale 43 - Burgos (SS)


Property type
Office, Industrial/logistic, Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
192,000 m²
Year of construction
State of maintenance and repair
Occupation status
Risk profile

The real estate complex is made up of buildings that are part of the former headquarters of the Police on horse academy (Real estate complex 1), the historical village (Real estate complex 2), as well as other buildings external to the perimeter of the two complexes. Real estate complex 1 is articulated as follows:
a historical building destined to be used as an office called Palattu, that is developed on two floors above the ground (for 54 rooms total) for a gross surface of m² 1,843 (volume equal to mc 6,500);
a building used as he housing of the Commander articulated on one floor for a total gross surface of m² 131;
a building used for sales articulated on one floor, for a total gross surface of m² 83;
a building destined to be used for the housing of course followers developed on two floors above the ground (42 rooms total) for a total gross surface of m² 1,111 (volume equal to mc 3920) and a courtyard of m² 523;
the new stables developed on one level and next to the technical room (that hosts the electrical centre) for a total gross surface of m² 1,460 (volume equal to mc 5,283) of which m² 1,183 of the surface is covered;
six buildings, called Chentina, of which 5 destined to be used as housing for course followers and a canteen for a total surface of m² 5,375 (volume equal to mc 4.080) of which m² 1,432 m² are covered;
a warehouse of total gross surface equal to m² 431 and a close by area of m² 1.582 and heating room of total gross surface of m² 66.
Il Compendio immobiliare 2 (Borgo Storico) risulta così articolato:
un corpo di fabbrica destinato ad abitazione articolato su due piani fuori terra (10 vani totali più accessori) di superficie lorda di m² 328;
tre fabbricati dismessi classificati catastalmente unità collabenti ed una foresteria su unico livello di superficie lorda pari a m² 46;
Outside of the perimeter of the two complexes the following buildings can be found:
A stable called “S’ena” that is developed on a total gross surface of m² 1,769 (volume equal to mc 9.100);
An office building (property of the Municipality of Burgos) articulated on two levels above the floor (13 total rooms plus accessories), for a total gross surface of m² 633;
A building that had original hotel use (also property of the Municipality of Burgos) never functioned with the nearby areas;
The covered stables articulated on two floors above the ground, for a total gross surface of m² 2,740 with nearby area of m² 1705;
The entire complex, on the basis of the previsions of the current Urban Plan (PUC) is part of the territorial zone “F” (with touristic and hotel functions) and in territorial zone “E” (agricultural areas) with the possibility of carrying out restoration interventions of the existing buildings, and to build more volume, compatibly with the previsions of the building regulation. The territory also has landscape restrictions according to Legislative n°42/2004, second part, of the Regional Landscape Plan.
Certificate of urban destination
certificate of landscape restrictions – former Police academy
certificate of landscape restrictions of entire complex

The zone known as “Forest of Burgos” is situated in the centre of the highplanes of Goceano at the border between the Province of Sassari and that of Nuoro, in the Municipality of Burgos (903 inhabitants). Its territory dominates the high valley of Tirso protected North by Sa Costera, a real natural barrier where you can find the Municipalities of Anela, Bottidda, Bultei, Burgos, Benetutti, Bono, Esporlatu and Illorai. On the naturalistic point of view it is characterized by a series of valleys and hills covered by a wide variety of trees. A mountain chain with a climax of more than 1,200 mt like mount Rasu, vast high-planes that go down towards the Tirso valley and spread along granite points like the one on which the Burgos castle comes up. As well as the rich naturalistic and environmental resources the territory has an enormous archaeological patrimony of international importance, amongst which: Su Fraile, Chentina, Arvaras and Presone that make up an extraordinary archaeological patrimony mainly to be valued. The zone has good accessibility (provincial roads and forest areas) with connections to the main ports and airports of the island also guaranteed by SS-131 (that connects Cagliari to Sassari). The international airports of Cagliari, Olbia and Alghero (that registered in 2017 respectively 4,15 – 2,8 and 1,3 million passengers), are at 190, 98 and 93 km.

buildings ex police school - around 182000 sq.m
buildings old village- around 11000 sq.m
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