Caltanissetta – area to be developed

An area for development located in a semi-central area of the municipality of Caltanissetta, close to the railway station. The area of the project, located behind the old town centre, is suitable for being redeveloped into residential and commercial facilities.


Permitted uses
Commercial, Residential
Land area (m²)
10,300 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Risk profile

The plot of land to be developed can be accessed from Piazza Roma through a pedestrian entrance next to the main building of the railway station and through a vehicle entrance in Via Alfredo Pisani. The flat surface area totals 10,300 m². Inside the area there are several buildings: a rectangular warehouse, 2 small buildings (one of which is a warehouse and the other one being used as a ticket office for urban buses). Thanks to its location next to the old town centre, it is suitable for development by constructing buildings for residential or office use.

The regeneration project is located in the municipality of Caltanissetta (63,920 inhabitants), main town in the province of the same name (274.024 inhabitants), 9th largest town in Sicily. The area is located close to the railway station, along the Caltanissetta Xirbi – Roccapalumba line and it is 600 meters to the old town centre. The town is 70 km from Licata (by the sea), 55 km from Agrigento and 120 km from Catania. It can be reached by road via the state highways SS-640, SS-626.

Goods warehouse 360 m2 - Floors above ground no.1 - Gross floor area
360 m²
Area associated with goods warehouse (shelter)
370 m²
Warehouse 82 m2 - Floors above ground no.1 - Gross floor area
82 m²
Warehouse 43 m2 - Floors above ground no.1 - Gross floor area
43 m²


ICE - Italian Trade Agency

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Caltanissetta – area to be developed Floorplan