Firenze – Villa Basilewsky

The Villa, in a neoclassical style, was built between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the subsequent century, in front of the famous Fortezza da Basso, in the heart of Florence. It was donated to the city by the aristocratic family Basilewsky. The property, for its location and characteristics, is ideally suited for redevelopment in a tourist- accommodation structure or private homes.

Via Lorenzo Il Magnifico, 104 - Firenze (FI)


Property types
Historical building
Permitted uses
Residential, Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
5,364 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Total GLA
Number of units
Year of construction
End of the nineteenth century - beginning of the twentieth century
State of maintenance and repair
Risk profile

The villa is located in the old city centre of Florence, in front of the Fortezza da Basso, the city’s fair and conference centre. The property is on 4 floors above ground, for a gross covered surface of 3,200 m², and is surrounded by a large garden with majestic trees and brickwork wall, with exquisite cast iron railing. The very large rooms on the first floor are decorated with gold stuccoes and a a beautiful wooden coffered ceiling.

The property is located in the old city centre of the Municipality of Florence (381,037 inhabitants), which is the capital of the province (1,012,110 inhabitants) and of the Tuscany region (3,752,654 inhabitants), one of Italy’s most visited cities by tourists from across the globe. The villa is located in front of the Fortezza da Basso, the city’s fair and conference centre, in an area with a large concentration of offices, 1 km from the Santa Maria Novella railway station. The property is 1.4 km from Piazza del Duomo, 2 km from Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio. Car access is good and the area has excellent public transport linking various parts of the city.


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