Genova – area to be refurbished


The area for redevelopment is located in a suburban area of the Municipality of Genoa. The project aims to reconvert existing buildings for industrial and small business use.

Via Ugo Polonio, 14 - Genova (GE)


Property types
Buildable area
Permitted uses
Land area (m²)
92,000 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Risk profile

The area, used for industrial and small business plants, covers an area of mainly flat 92,000 m², and allows for the construction of a covered surface of 69,000 m², with a maximum of 10% for office use. The site is located in a strategic position for its intended use, close to the railway and motorway.

The property is located in the Municipality of Genoa (592,507 inhabitants), which is the capital of the province (862,175 inhabitants) and of the Liguria region (1,583,263 inhabitants). The zone, located in the northern outskirts of the city, contains industrial and production sites instead of residential buildings. The location is close to the A-7 motorway (Milan-Genoa), with the Genova Bolzaneto exit only 3,2 km away. There is good access to the property and the port area can be reached from Via di Polonio, and subsequent roads, in only 15 minutes (8 km from the property).





ICE - Italian Trade Agency

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