Lecce – Rail yard Lecce Surbo

The compound is in the industrial area of Lecce, in locality Surbo, and can be reached through the State Road SS16 or through the Western Ring of Lecce, both linked to Via Ignazio Ciaia. The complex, which was formerly a logistic pole, has a total area of 85.136 sqm, of which 2.437 sqm are covered, and is included in a logistics and industrial area. The rail yard can be connected to the railway Bari-Lecce and is suitable to be used as a road-rail transport hub.


Property types
Areas in transformation
Permitted uses
Land area (m²)
85,136 m²
Occupation status
Free at the time of sales

The asset was formerly a logistic pole, namely the rail yard Lecce Surbo, and has a total area of 85.136 sqm, partially covered. It consists mainly of a large area equipped with various railroad tracks, for loading and unloading, as well as holding tracks. It is connected to the near railway line Bologna-Lecce, but the connection is currently not in use and its full functionality, the operating procedures, and the contracts for the inbound and outbound manoeuvres of the rolling stocks must be agreed with Trenitalia and RFI. The compound includes two buildings formerly used as offices, situated near the entrance gate, a large warehouse, two small accessory buildings and a rainwater tank for a total area of 2.430 sqm. In addition to such consistency there is a portion of the access street (via Ignazio Ciaia) with its wide manoeuvring space, having a total area of 10.280 sqm. All buildings and railway systems included in the compound are in poor conditions and need functional recovery interventions that shall be at the buyer’s expense.

The compound is in locality Surbo and can be reached from the State Road SS16 or from the Western Ring through a portion of a former service road of Ferrovie dello Stato, now actually of public use, corresponding to parcel 408 of sheet 194, leading into Via L. Ciaia, where an automatic entrance gate will be placed between the parcels 346 and 408 of sheet 194, as provided in the layout below.

The complex is in an area with railway and industrial premises and only few residential buildings.


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Lecce – Rail yard Lecce Surbo Floorplan