Milano Porta Romana

The area is located in the the south-east quadrant of the city of Milan, near Corso Lodi. It includes the disused railway yard, the railroad station and the railway line which are about to fall into disuse.


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Land area (m²)
187,300 m²
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The area located in the south-east quadrant of the city of Milan, near “Porta Romana” railway station, along Corso Lodi, develops within the railway yard perimeter. It covers an area of 187,300 m². The area is situated between the border of the semi-central district bounded by Viale Isonzo, Piazza Trento and Corso Lodi, and the suburban one developing along the road links of Via Brembo and Via Lorenzin, where the Prada Foundation and the Prada Museum have recently been inaugurated. With the redevelopment project. One of its main goals is to get rid of the division that exists between the two districts, which are currently divided by the railway infrastructure, thus including the new structure in the existing urban fabric.

The area being developed is located in a semi-central district of the Municipality of Milan (1,337,155 inhabitants), which is the capital of the Province (3,196,825 inhabitants), the 1st Italian municipality of the Region Lombardy (10,002,165 inhabitants) and the 2nd largest municipality of the Country in terms of residents after Rome, the Capital City. The redevelopment project is located within the perimeter of Porta Romana railway station, in the south quadrant of the city, a semi-central area near Via Isonzo, Piazza Trento and Corso Lodi, and along Via Brembo, a part of the city which has recently undergone some interesting urban redevelopment projects which include both the Prada Foundation and the Prada Musuem, designed by OMA under the guidance of architect Kem Koolhaas. The area has excellent vehicular accessibility through Corso Lodi, Via Ripamonti and Viale Isonzo. It is also well served by surface transport, by the underground, line 3, stop “Lodi”, as well as by the railway infrastructure thanks to the S9 line that links Saronno and Albairate-Vermezzo, besides allowing other exchanges with the other suburban lines in other parts of the city.


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