Florence – Mille

Partially built area of 10.200 sq.m. of gross floor area and 8.700 sq. m. of open appurtenant spaces; it is in a strategic position because is near to Viali di Circonvallazione and to the centre of the city; it is located inside a residential area. A single Call of Tender for the four ATAF properties (Michelacci, Mille, Pratese, XI August, showed on this website)

Viale dei Mille, 115 - 50131 Firenze (FI)


Property type
Land area (m²)
15,700 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Number of units

Lease agreement (which also concerns “Michelacci” and “Pratese” properties) expiring in November 2021 with a tacit renewal for a further nine years; Tenant: Ataf Gestioni Srl, current Local Public Transport operator; annual lease fee 2.756.940 €

Year of construction
period of first settlement at the end of XIX century, further modifications mainly during the sixties of XX century
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished
Occupation status

The industrial complex is intended to offices, storages, parking, refuelling, maintenance of the buses and a cookhouse. It consists of: an old building (intended for offices and non-core services) with a structure realized partly with load-bearing masonry and partly with reinforced concrete structures; an old building (intended for offices and non-core services) with a structure in load-bearing masonry; a building intended for diesel refuelling, washing and purifying of industrial waters, and a wide apron intended for parking and manoeuvring area of the buses.

The complex has electrical systems, water and sanitation facilities, heating and air-conditioning systems, industrial and special systems such as the bus washing system, filling station and the related storage tank, a dispenser of lubricant oil and the related storage tank, a glycol tank and related storage tank, hydroelectric station for fire protection, water network for fire protection and fire detection systems and alarm, automatic fire protection systems, fume suction, compressed air station, wastewater purifier.


The nineteen and twentieth century settlements identify a wide range outside of Viali di Circonvallazione, this area grew up between the end of 1800 and the beginning of 1900. The objective of the Urban Rules for this place settlement is to maintain the recognisability of the historic structure.


ICE - Italian Trade Agency

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Florence – Mille Floorplan