Novara – Former Cavalli Barracks

The Cavalli Barracks includes 8 main buildings, as well as other smaller buildings once used for offices, housing, military vehicles and warehouses.



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The Cavalli Barracks is part of a large complex of buildings, together with the Gherzi Barracks and the Passalacqua Barracks, consisting of an irregularly shaped flat area with 8 main buildings, as well as other smaller ones once used for offices, housing, military vehicle shelter and warehouses.

The former Cavalli Barracks was used by the Army until the middle of the 1900s. In 2014 the barracks were abandoned for military use in order to start an appraisal process pursuant to Art. 26 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 133 of 12 September 2014 (the so-called Sblocca Italia) and was finally returned to the State Property Agency in 2017, after Defense had moved the departments to other buildings.

The complex is located in a semi-central area, a short distance from the historic centre, along the Turin-Milan motorway link, well connected to the two cities also by high-speed rail network and motorway. The city enjoys the influence of the two capitals, a factor that allows it to benefit from the inter-regional logistical and economic influence; a characteristic that gives it excellent potential for real estate development. The urban area is affected by three large former military areas built between the mid-nineteenth century and the early twentieth century outside the historical layout of the Municipality of Novara, which were then incorporated into the city during the growth of the twentieth century. The area is involved in an urban development project already begun with the Municipal Administration. The layout is characterised by the presence of residences, schools and universities, as well as the main hospital complexes and two large similar buildings already destined to be used for Residence, retail and management purposes.


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Novara – Former Cavalli Barracks Floorplan