Ospedaletti (IM) – Petit Royal hotel

Known as “Petit Royal Hotel”, the estate is located in the centre of the Municipality of Ospedaletti, in the province of Imperia. Due to its location on the Riviera di Ponente, one of the most captivating and appealing areas on the Ligurian coast, between Sanremo and Bordighera, the building is currently being used as tourist accommodation, for which it is ideally suited. It could aslo be converted into private residences, much in demand in the area both for tourists and for the inhabitants.

C.so Regina Margherita, 86 - 18014 Ospedaletti (IM)


Permitted uses
Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
1,290 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Number of units

Contract for the entire area dated 22.12.2003, lasting 9 + 9, from 31.12.2002 to 30.12.2020 – annual lease €38.300,000

Year of construction
Early 1900s
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished
Occupation status
Risk profile

The property was built at the beginning of the 900’s as a hotel and is completely leased out. It has a rectangular layout and four floors above ground, as well as an attic and a basement. The accommodation consists of 35 rooms (singles, doubles and triples) with a total of 70 beds; it’s surrounded by a vast garden, partly used as a parking lot (848 m²), with a total covered area of 2.139,20 m² as well as balconies for 74,50 m². The building has lovely architectural structures and a plastered façade, decorated with strips which mark the floors, big ledges for the terraces and the windows and frames around the windows. The roof is wooden with shingles, the floors are made of marble or parquet. The building is perfect in a context of high standards, with refined villas, surrounded by splendid gardens, located in an area under the landscape restrictions of the Legislative Decree 42/2004, but it doesn’t fit the cultural requests stipulated by this law.

The estate is located on the Ligurian coast, in the Municipality of Ospedaletti (pop. 3,367), in the province of Imperia (pop. 215,344), in a geographic area particularly favoured for the climate as it’s mild for most of the year. The little town borders with Sanremo to the East and with Bordighera to the West, all well-known touristic areas, visited by thousands of people every year, and they’re not far from Mentone and Montecarlo. The building is located along the Corso Regina Margherita (SS-1 Aurelia), a road that passes through the town, near the sea and a few steps away from the town’s main park and from the comunal Auditorium. The town has vast gravel beaches and the waters are clean, surrounded by a vast area of Mediterranean scrub, with many excursion walks. Parallel to the beaches, there’s Europes longest coastline bicycle lane that starts at Ospedaletti and runs for 24 km towards Imperia. Imperia is 38 km away, Savona is 100 km, Genoa 153 km and Turin’s 240 km away. The nearest airport is in Nice, 63 km away, while the railway station is at Bordighera (4 km away) and has connections to Milan, Genoa, Savona and Cuneo. The “Sanremo” toll-booth on the A-10 Motorway (Autostrada dei Fiori) is 5 km from the zone.


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Ospedaletti (IM) – Petit Royal hotel Floorplan