Real estate complex, called "Casina Reale", wanted in the 18th century by Ferdinando IV di Borbone as a hunting site, situated in the Municipality of Pozzuoli, in the locality of Licola. The property is made up of diverse buildings, the «Casina Reale», a deposit, the pigeon-house and a small chapel, surrounded by a large area.

Via dei Platani, 2 - 80078 Pozzuoli (NA)


Property types
Historical building
Land area (m²)
13,482 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Total GLA
Year of construction
18th Century
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished
Occupation status
Risk profile

The real estate complex is made up of diverse buildings, amongst which the “Casina Reale”, main central building, with a rectangular shape on two floors above the ground, the garage and warehouse, small building with a rectangular shape on a unique level, with ceiling partially with two waves and partially with one with a tile Marseille covering, the service-house of the “Casina Reale”, building with a plan that is basically square with two levels above the ground, the pigeon-house and a small chapel. In the zone Licola Borgo, King Ferdinando IV di Borbone ordered the building of a Hunting house in the area where, in ancient times, there was a lake. The buildings and the land of the complex named “Casina Reale” represent one of the so-called Royal sites, that the Borbons gained in the 700s to exercise sporting and hunting activities. In the current General Regulation Plan there is the following zone:
ZONE B4_Residential recent. Restoration and integration of equipment and services.
ZONA E_A_ Agricultural on archaeological areas
ZONE E2_Agricultural simple
ZONE V_Pa_ Equipped public green area, Urban standards Capo IX.

The property is situated in the locality Licola in the Municipality of Pozzuoli (81,141 inhabitants), included in the Metropolitan City of Naples (3,101,002 inhabitants), the largest Flegrei municipality directly confining the chief administrative city of Campania, in a territory that excels for archaeological testimonial, for sites of naturalistic and urban interest, for food events and for touristic and cultural attractions. The property is situated in the northern suburbs of the city near the Sp-303 that guarantees primary accessibility to the zone. The beach with its resorts is 1 km from the property, while the railway station “Licola” of the Circumfregrea is 500 metres away. The high velocity road, that allows the entrance into the highway node, is 5 km away and also reachable via the road SS-7qtr (7 km), while the international airport of Naples “Capodichino”  (7th Italian airport with 8.6 million passengers in 2017) is about 26 km away.

Hunting house
Little church


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