Rome – Tiburtina HS Train Station C1 Lot


Building Lot with hotel and retail building rights, included within the Master Plan for the urban development of the area around the Rome Tiburtina High Speed Train Station, one of the most important urban transformation ongoing initiatives on the territory of the Capital. The C1 Lot, included in the wider trasformation plan, that will be implemented on an overall urban area of 92 ha, with over 150.000 sqm of building rights, allows for 19.000 sqm of GFA. The large ongoing urban redevelopment plan will make, through the implementation of new public and private spaces, the Tiburtina Train station and the area adjacent to it, the gateway to the City Center and an intermodal node of strategic exchange.

Stazione Tiburtina - 00162 Roma (RM)


Permitted uses
Commercial, Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
7,200 m²
Total GIA (m²)
State of maintenance and repair
demolition of existing buildings and new contruction
Occupation status
currently occupied by FS staff, to be cleared before sale
Risk profile

The urban regenetion area, divided into separate building lots, some with existing buildings to be demolished, is located around the new Rome Tiburtina High Speed Train Station and it extends on a total surface area of 92 ha. The building volumes, with office, hotel, retail and cultural/leisure building rights are divided into 11 sectors with different dimensions, with extensive green areas of 70.000 m², new public parkings for over 100.000 m² and 50.000 m² of new station services. The C1 Lot allows for a GFA of 19.000 m², of which 12.000 m² of hotel building rights (not present in the area yet ) and 7.000 m² of retail building rights. On the first lot that was sold, the BNL Bank of the BNP Paribas Group  has inaugurated its’ new headquarter and a new lot, already sold to La Sapienza University will host new research laboratories. The presence of high energy-efficient technological office buildings and retail spaces, served by local roads, will transform the area into a business district for the city. The proximity to the high-speed train station, the underground and highly-frequented trains, integrated by surface public transport, make the development extremely interesting.

The area under redevelopment is located in a semicentral area of Rome (2.872.021 inhabitants), within the perimeter of the Tiburtina HS Train Station urban regeneration plan, where a highly technological business district is beign built. The position of the lot is strategic, just a few meters from the entrance of the station on the Nomentano side, and within a new urban mobility system. Further future developments include the demolition of the overpass of the ring road and the redevelopment of the Piazza in front of the Station on the Nomentano-Piazza Bologna side. The area is well served by the public transport infrastructures, with the underground line B station, the HS train lines and the high frequency trains that transit through the station, the bus terminal, and numerous city bus lines. Thanks to the local roads that have been greatly enhanced, to the vicinity with the Tiburtina road the East Ring Road, to the new public parkings of a considerable size, the area will allow easy car access even with private vehicles.In the proximity of the area under transformation, there are already private and public offices, whilst  the Rome University La Sapienza, a university with over 115.000 students (with over 18.000 new subscriptions annually), is just 1,5 km from the new development.

12,000 mq
7,000 mq


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Rome – Tiburtina HS Train Station C1 Lot Floorplan