Roma Tiburtina – area for redevelopment

Area for development – office, commercial, tourism-accommodation, cultural-leisure – situated around Roma-Tiburtina high-speed railway station. It is one of the most important projects currently underway in Rome.

Roma Tiburtina - Roma (RM)


Property types
Buildable area
Permitted uses
Commercial, Office, Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
920,000 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Risk profile

The redevelopment area consists of buildable plots, some of which with constructions needing demolition. The area is located around the Roma-Tiburtina high-speed railway station and covers 92 hectares. The buildable space is divided into 11 plots of varying dimensions mainly to be used for office space, with some commercial and cultural-leisure facilities and 70,000 m² of vast green spaces, over 100,000 m² of new public car parks and 50,000 m² of station facilities. Some lots have already been allocated and will become the national headquarters of BNL-BNP Paribas Group and the new research laboratories of La Sapienza University of Rome. The city’s new business district will be transformed by high energy efficiency buildings for technology services and businesses and will be served by local transport. Its proximity to the high-speed railway station, metropolitan and high-frequency trains, as well as public road transport make this scheme an extremely attractive one.


The area for redevelopment is situated in a semi-central area of the City of Rome (2,872,021 inhabitants), around Roma-Tiburtina high-speed railway station, where a new advanced technology business district is currently under construction. The area is well served by local public transport, with a nearby station on the B metro line, high-speed and high-frequency railway lines transiting the station, a coach station and several bus lines. The scheme involves providing easy access by private transport by boosting the road network and thanks also to the site’s proximity to Via Tiburtina and the Tangenziale Est ring road and the construction of large-scale public car parks. The area surrounding the regeneration zone already features public and private office buildings. La Sapienza University of Rome (115,000 total students and 18,000 freshmen annually) is 1.5 km from the new business district.


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