Camogli – Villa via Aurelia


Villa with open view on the Gulf of Tigullio, made up of two connected structures with an external garden

Via Aurelia, 150/c - 16032 Camogli (GE)


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Year of construction
Before 1967
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Villa with an opened view on the Gulf of Tigullio, made up of two connected structures by an external garden. The main building has typical architectural characteristics of the zone, with a structure in reinforced cement, external facades with some portions in stone and a flat walkable covering while the secondary was realized afterwards.

The property is currently of State property following the requisition of 2015, definitely confirmed in 2017.

The property is built along the area that divides the two main areas of the promontory of Mount Portofino, this last one being a division between the two geographical zones of the Gulf of Tigullio (on the east) and the Gulf of Paradiso (on the west).

The surrounding territory mainly crossed by the state road n°1 Via Aurelia and the provincial n° 31 of San Martino di Noceto, is characterized by a wide number of houses spread along the hill; there is not a unique centre or historical centre. As well as Camogli, nearby there are many well-known touristic localities of Liguria like Recco, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo. From the area of Ruta there are many diverse pathways within the Protected Natural Marine of Portofino and the pedestrian for Portofino Vetta. Thanks to the very mild climate there are many agricultural lemon and orange cultivations as well as olive-tree cultivations. On the service side, the provision area of the entire Paradise Gulf is the City of Recco which is 3 Km away from the Villa (reachable by public transport) where the main public offices have office and there is a unique highway exit at about 7km.

The real estate market of the city attracts the attention of investors mainly for the residential part. In the surrounding zone of the property, there are mainly commercial activities of the touristic and hotel type.


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Camogli – Villa via Aurelia Floorplan