Torino – Palazzo Rai

Rai (National TV Broadcast) Former Headquarters is a building /skyscraper located on the edge of the historic city centr and occupies the block between Via Cernaia, Via Guicciardini, Via Fratelli Ruffino, Piazza XVIIII Dicembre e Corso Bolzano. The building is located in an area subject to a wide urban regeneration process, today in progress, equipped with services and attractive sites such as: the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank skyscraper ), the Porta Susa Railway Station (with High-Speed train connections across Italy and Europe), the OGR cultural and business district (Officine Grandi Riparazioni), the Politecnico di Torino and the Urban Energy Center.
Two key projects are today planned, close to this building: a new skyscraper and the Boutique Hotel for millennials.
Due to its strategic location and the area regeneration, the building can be renovated as commercial (office and services) building, and/or hotel.

Via Cernaia, 33 - Torino (TO)


Property types
Free-standing building
Permitted uses
Office, Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
3,296 m²
Total GIA (m²)

Building License n. 609 - prot. n. 52/1960 of 10.01.1961.
Building Permit no. 1564 prot.n.1079 / 1979 of 20.12.1979;
Building Authorization no. 1867 prot. n.133 / 1983 of 24.08.1983;
Building Authorization no. 2374 prot. n.196 / 1983 of 06.12.1983;
Building Authorization no. 2012 prot. n. 884/1986 of 30.09.1986;
Communication pursuant to art. 26 L. 47/85 prot. n. 88/09/3116 of 27.07.1988;
Building Authorization no. R71 prot .. n. 89/03/2876 of 24.05.1990;
Building Authorization no. Loc. 196 prot. n.91 / 03/533 of 28.10.1991;
Building Authorization no. 408/94 of 17.03.1994;
Building Authorization no. 289/95 of 11.04.1995;

Start of work communication prot. n. 2016/20/1827del 01.02.2016;
Start of work communication prot. n. 2018/20 /2643 del 09.02.2018;
Start of work communication prot. n. 2018/20/14071del 05.07.2018.
Report Start of activity prot. n. 96/09/3289 of 24.07.1996;
A request for a retrospective building permission was submitted to the Municipality of Torino with prot. n. 6442 dated 13.02.1986, for which the entire fine was paid , due to the discrepancy of the entire building from the previous authorization titles. Tacit consent authorization with receipt of the Municipality of Torino of 18.08.1997.

Year of construction
Occupation status
Risk profile

The building in Via Cernaia 33 was home of  the Direzione Generale della RAI until 2014.

It was built in 1966 according to Domenico Morelli and Aldo Morbelli’s project  and it is still one of the highest and most visible  building in Torino with 19 above ground  floors, 2 underground floors  plus  mezzanine and 72 meters high. It has approximately a 28,600 sqm-large surface : 20,400 sqm of which above ground, with a total 118,700 cubic meters volume (82,200 of which above ground and 36,500 underground).

The building consists of:

  • a main central block, home of offices and one canteen, consisting of a 18-storey above-ground tower and one covered terrace floor;
  • two buildings respectively with 5 and 6 above ground floors used as offices facing Via Cernaia and Via Guicciardini;
  • two underground floors plus mezzanine used as warehouse and technical rooms that take up the whole block area.

This building could be turned to offices or to a luxury hotel, in view of  the international sport events that will be hosted in Torino, starting with the 5 years of ATP finals  (2021-2025)

The area belongs to the current Town-Plan as “13,Area TE – Aree o complessi di edifici a destinazione  terziaria” It has been assigned a tertiary use as well as exhibit, congress, and tourist – accommodation activities. The residential use is eligible too within the urban area.

The building  will have to undergo reclamation works due to the presence of materials containing asbestos. In the 60’s asbestos was widely used in buildings with metal carpentry in order to improve the structures resistance to fire.

The building is located 200 meters  from the Torino  Porta Susa  railway station (high speed) and occupies the block between Via Cernaia in the North, Via Ruffini in the South, Via Guicciardini in the East and Piazza XVIII Dicembre in the West. The area is served by an excellent public transport system consisting of several bus lines and  the metro line 1. Moreover the area is equipped with all infrastructures and services of public interest. It is characterised by residential and tertiary use buildings, many of which are exclusive and date back to the 19th century. The Torino ring road is 8 km faraway and Torino Caselle airport 18km

Struttura Distanza in Km
Aeroporto 18
Stazione Ferroviaria 0,2
Autostrada 8
Servizi (bus /tram) Inner-city buses



ICE - Italian Trade Agency

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