Torino Porta Susa – High-speed station

Commercial units of different sizes are available to lease inside the new “Torino Porta Susa” high-speed railway station, the main transport interchange for the area, and one of the most important redevelopment projects in the city.

Corso Bolzano - Torino (TO)


Permitted uses
Land area (m²)
37,000 m²
Total GIA (m²)
State of maintenance and repair
Occupation status
Risk profile

The shopping gallery created inside the station building contains several commercial units of different size and category, available to lease:

– Restaurant– on street level “0”, access B, area, 87 m² + 84 m² exclusive outside area

– Clothing & footwear – on access D level “-1”, area 285 m²

– Baggage and accessories – on street level “0”, access C, area 175m²

– Electronics, telephones, stationery and office supplies – level “0”, access C, area 100 m²

The property is situated in the central part of the city of Turin (population 896,773), capital of the Province of Turin and regional capital of Regione Piemonte. Turin is Italy’s 4th largest city in terms of population. The development is part of the broader redevelopment project for “Torino Porta Susa” station, which has already seen the completion of the high-speed railway hub. The station is home to two metro stops and receives regional and metropolitan railway lines, connecting Turin to the other main cities in the region, with over 30,000 passenger every day. The area for redevelopment runs along Corso Bolzano and Corso Inghilterra in the bustling and strategic heart of the city and in the vicinity of Palazzo di Giustizia, the headquarters of Intesa Sanpaolo, Polytechnic University of Turin and the Officine Grandi Riparazioni museum cluster. In addition to the railway station, the metro stops and numerous urban transport lines and regional bus services, which makes it the most important transport interchange hub in the city. Easy access for road vehicles via several main roads makes this an extremely attractive location.


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Torino Porta Susa – High-speed station Floorplan