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Here only a few of 2023 projects invested for over 30 mln €


“OFFICINE GRANDI RIPARAZIONI” Redevelopment area – Florence Municipality

A redevelopment operation that includes a private building intervention in the railway areas adjacent to the New Opera House, included in the Municipality of Florence Urban Planning Regulations and ratified with the approval of the Planning Agreement with the Tuscany Region. This is one of the main urban regeneration interventions possible in the municipal area which allows the birth of a new, modern and fully infrastructured neighbourhood. The integration of cultural functions, new services and complementary activities give rise to an attractive context well connected to the rest of the city and a few steps from the centre.


“BERGAMO PORTA SUD” – Bergamo Municipality

Areas strategic for Bergamo Municipality, a few minutes’ walk from the city centre, included in the Strategic Plan for Transformation of year 2010, updated with the new plan. The Master Plan presented to the city in 2019 provided for residential use, and functions connected to the intermodal hub and to the City of Health and the City of Knowledge.


“MARGHERITA HOTEL” – Lecce Municipality (Salento Area)

The property is in a central area of the old town, bordered by Via Palmieri, Via Alami, Conservatorio S. Lorenzo and Corte dei Carminati where the access is located. The Master Plan in-force classifies this area as A1–Historical centre. The property was a former school with planning restrictions pursuant to law 304 of 20.06.1909 and 01.06.1939 no. 1089. and is the perfect location to realize a luxury hotel.