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The site was designed and produced in accordance with the requirements set forth in theDM of 8 July 2005 pursuant to Law no. 4/2004 “Disposizioni per favorire l’accesso dei soggetti disabili agli strumenti informatici” (measures for fostering access to cyber instruments on the part of disabled persons). Le regole dell’accessibilità prevedono che le informazioni e i servizi offerti nelle pagine web siano fruibili anche ai soggetti disabili agli strumenti informatici, The rules governing accessibility include provisions to ensure that the information and services provided via the web pages shall also be usable by disabled persons using cyber instruments, irrespective of the operating system, of the navigation instruments, of the browser settings and of the available connection rate.

Main measures adopted:

  • For each image that provides information, an alternative item in textual form has been provided
  • No animated objects or lettering has been used
  • The text and graphics are understandable even when displayed without the colours
  • The information content can at all times be distinguished from the background
  • Presentation and the contents of the pages adapt to the dimensions of the browser with no loss of information or overlapping of objects
  • The links have been clearly presented thanks to meaningful wordings, and can be selected by using the keyboard alone and by means of keyboard emulation technologies
  • Frames (frame structures that navigation software for the visually impaired cannot read) have not been used