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Anas (FS Italiane Group) publishes a call for tender for the assignment of 100 roadman’s houses spread throughout the national territory.

Posted: 30 March 2021

The CEO of Anas, Massimo Simonini, explained that the call for tender “is geared to requalification, accessibility and fruition of the properties owned by Anas. Through the recovery of these buildings of relevant iconic value we intend to promote a model of environmentally and socioeconomically sustainable development for the territories where they are located, by revitalising the local economy with its industrial microsystems, by encouraging a high quality, widespread tourism and, in addition, by providing the users of the roads with many services, in accordance with the EU standards, to support mobility, the sustainable one included. Finally, by giving a new dimension to this architectural heritage that for a century testifies the history and evolution of our country”.

As far as the geographic spread is concerned, the region with the highest number of affected roadman’s houses is Sardinia (30), followed by Lombardy (12), Abruzzo (10), Tuscany and Lazio (7). Apulia, Emilia-Romagna, Calabria and Piedmont have 5, while Aosta Valley and Sicily have 3. To close the list, the Marches, Campania and Veneto with 2, Liguria and Umbria with 1. Browsing the map at the link it is possible to view the affected roadman’s houses, highlighted in red.

In accordance with the town-planning instruments in force and based on the business proposals and depending on the location and consistency, it is intended to realise in the roadman’s houses a high-quality hosting business and ancillary activities like cafés, dining options, information and educational centres, charging stations for electric cars.

Regarding the transformation of the properties, the call for tender establishes the preservation of the original artifacts and their better integration into the landscape both environmentally and perceptually, and the use of materials compatible with the landscape and the historic architecture, ensuring the permanence of the Pompeian red colour.

The call for tender is in accordance with the project “Valore Paese Italia”, a collaboration between Agenzia del Demanio [State Property Agency], Difesa Servizi SpA, MiBACT [Ministry of Cultural Heritage], MIMS, MATTM, Anas, different Towns and Regions, Ferrovie dello Stato, Fondazione FS, ICS, IFEL, INVITALIA and ANCI.

Tenders, accompanied by the required documentation, shall be submitted by interested parties through the website Portale Acquisti ANAS (, under penalty of exclusion, within 12.00 hours of June 15th, 2021.

Rome, March 19th, 2021