Bound public buildings over 70

Posted: 4 October 2016

Public buildings if they have more than 70 years are bound.

This is the opinion drafted by the Legislative Office Legislative MIBACT.

The new Procurement Code (Legislative Decree. N.50 / 2016) had repealed Article 4 of the decree development Italy (DL n. 70/2011) that raised the threshold for the 70 years of cultural interest checking and the affixing of the constraintson public property (paragraph 16) previously fixed at 50 years.

The opinion of 3 August past, released by the Ministry, noted that in the text of the new Procurement Code there is no provision for repeal of the rule and that the 70 year old roof remains in force whether it intends to proceed to the alienation of the property, orthat you want to post.
In both cases, permission must first be granted: unlike the deed of sale is void and the transgression in the second case is susceptible to sanctions even lawless.

In any case it remains in force as set by the Code of Cultural Heritage (Legislative Decree no. 42/2004)



Source: Patrimonio Pubblico Italia website (www.patrimoniopubblicoitalia.it/en-gb)