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Lighthouses, Towers and Coastal Buildings: tomorrow the new calls for bids

Posted: 14 September 2016

After the success of the first call in October 2015 for the granting up to 50 years of 12 Lighthouses, the new calls for bids 2016 for the project Valore Paese Fari, sponsored by Agenzia del Demanio and by the Ministry of Defense, will be presented tomorrow at the Navy Officers Club Caio Duilio (or Circolo Ufficiali Marina Milirare Caio Duilio) in Rome.

The new edition of the project is characterized by different types of properties available on the market: not just Lighthouses, but also Towers and other Coastal Buildings.

Agenzia del Demanio with the Defense Ministry will offer a total of 20 properties located throughout the national territory.