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Competitive selection for the enhancement of public buildings in Piacenza

Posted: 28 July 2016

The State Property Agency (Agenzia del Demanio) and the municipality of Piacenza have announced publication of the call for bids for the enhancement of public real estate assets in Piacenza.

Demanio General Manager, Roberto Reggi, also announced that the former military hospital and another 5 properties (located in Via Beverora 57-59, Via Taverna, 39, Via Martiri della Libertà, 8 via Scalabrini, 11 and Via Verdi, 30) are at the centre of a bid procedure for selecting a studio to create a feasibility study for identifyinf the best enhancement plan.

The studio, to be selected using criteria relating to the most economically advantageous offer, will need to take into account both the technical issues and those relating to the sustainability of the investment to be made.

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