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Cassa depositi e prestiti group approved 2019-2021 Industrial Plan

Posted: 6 December 2018

Cassa depositi e prestiti group will make over 110 billion euro of its resources available for Italy’s economic growth and sustainable development, activating over 90 billion coming from private investors and other local, national and international organisations.

The four main lines of intervention of the Group:

1. CDP Enterprises: €83 billion to support enterprises through an integrated offer close to their needs and focused on innovation, growth and export even through a reinforced physical channel as well as a digital one;

2. CDP Infrastructures, Public Administration and Country: 25 billion euro with a proactive role to promote, make and finance infrastructures and relaunch a new partnership with the local Public Administration;

3. CDP Cooperation: 3 billion euro to become co-financer in developing countries;

4. Great Strategic Participations: reinforce specific and industrial skills in order to
manage the participations portfolio even within a long-term industrial view.