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Maire Tecnimont aims at the Green Acceleration Project and launches “NextChem”

Posted: 28 November 2018

During the event “NEXTCHEM – Maire Tecnimont for innovation”, Maire Tecnimont presents its Green Acceleration project, and launches a new business unit through a dedicated vehicle, NextChem, which will manage 19 technological initiatives for the energy transition, to best address new market dynamics.

Carbon Footprint reduction, Circular Economy, new bio-based products and feedtstocks: the energy industry paradigm is evolving, and subsequentely the reference market related to the energy transition sector is expanding, showing a compound annual growth rate higher than 15%. This market is worth approximately €40 billion, and is expected to triple within 2025.

All industry main players, both producers and buyers of plastics, are shifting towards recycling and bioplastics, while big oil companies are reviewing their investment plans in view of decarbonization. Maire Tecnimont has already invested approximately €50 million in the laast 5 years in more than 70 innovation projects.