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Posted: 16 January 2023

Also made public the first data regarding the awards of the calls of last July.

Rome, 15 December 2022 – The State Property Office issued the last tranche of 2022 public calls for the concession/rent of unused State-owned properties to be converted into new social, cultural, environmental, slow-tourism and soft-mobility economic activities. Through public procedures, the Office shall award the properties to those entitites capable of ensuring their redevelopment, conversion and good management, thus stemming their deterioration and making them available to the general population. The assets are spread out on a national scale and represent a varied and wide array of public properties with historical and identity value, often closely linked to their urban and landscape contexts, but also to the socio-cultural fabric of the territory and to the relevant local communities.

Following the issuance of the first tranche of calls last July, as of today, the real estate assets put out to tender are 16, 2 of which in Concession for Use Free of Charge, with the remaining 14 in Redevelopment Concession/Rental up to a maximum of 50 years. The calls are published in the “Gare e Aste” section of the State Property Office’s website at; tenders may submitted until 15 May 2023, 12 AM. Moreover, on the website the following documents can also be found: the Redevelopment Concession/Rental Calls Guide, the Business Plan Guide, the Concession for Use Free of Charge Calls Guide and the Description Sheets of the Assets Held for Redevelopment Concession/Rental and for Concession for Use Free of Charge.

The following list represents the 14 assets held for Redevelopment Concession/Rental:
– in Abruzzo, the former “De Amicis” barracks in Sulmona (AQ);
– in Basilicata, the former roadman’s house in Irsina (MT) and the former Signalman’s house in Montescaglioso (MT);
– in Lazio, the former roadman’s house “Il Colle” in Terracina (LT);
– in Lombardy, the former shooting range in Piazza Brembana (BG) and a portion of the former military warehouse in Pizzighettone (CR);
– in Piedmont, the former military bakery in Casale Monferrato (AL) and the former House of the Fascist Party in Vinzaglio (NO);
– in Sardinia, the Capo Comino lighthouse in Siniscola (NU);
– in Sicily, the former Mining Geophysics Institute and the psychiatric hospital “Real Casa dei Matti” in Palermo, as well as the former San Vito convent in Agrigento;
– in Tuscany, the Calafuria tower in Leghorn and Villa Carducci Pandolfini in Florence.

The following list represents the 2 assets held for Concession for Use Free of Charge:
– in Calabria, the former social housing in Limbadi (VV);
– in Umbria, the former social theatre in Amelia (TR).

Moreover, the State Property Office’s Tenders Committees are currently working on the first awards of the real estate properties put out to tender on last July: the first public sessions showed that 2 offers were made for the Theatre Ernesto Rossi in Pisa, 1 offer was made for the Former Pozzarello Fort in Monte Argentario (GR) and 3 offers were made for the Villa alle Volte (also known as villa Chigi Farnese) in Siena.

In this moment of recovery, the Italian State Property Office thus further consolidates its role of economic development operator, acting as a point of contact for a coordinated planning of exemplary initiatives aimed at strengthening the collaboration between public and private entities and, more importantly, at improving the synergies with other institutional partners.

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