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Palazzo Broggi returns to be managed by Idea Fimit

Posted: 27 March 2017

Fosun, the Chinese conglomerate that in April of 2015 bought the historic building in Piazza Cordusio in Milan named Palazzo Broggi by the Omicron Plus Fund managed by Idea Fimit Sgr, decided to give the building back under management at same Sgr.

Idea Fimit has announced the birth of Fondo Broggi. The palace, built between 1901 and 1902 by architect Luigi Broggi, spread over five floors above ground, plus two basement, with a total area of about 55,000 square meters.

The building was born as the seat of the Credito Italiano first and then of Unicredit. After the development it will be mixed use commercial and hotel.