Bellano (LC) – Former boarding school Giglio

The project idea is to create a social housing experience able to meet the needs of population at different levels: precarious workers, young couples, and families in difficult situations, who can’t purchase a home nor access the private rental market, but also don’t have the requirements to access the public social housing, as well as people in situation of accentuated marginality, disabilities or at risk of sliding into poverty, and people who need to reintegrate into society after rehabilitation, cure and recovery.

Strada Provinciale 66 - 23822 Bellano (LC)


Property types
Other types, Historical building, Free-standing building
Permitted uses
Residential, Healthcare/Senior Housing, Sport, leisure, events, Student House
Land area (m²)
3,500 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Year of construction
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished/valorized
Occupation status

The project intends to restore an historical building, a former host structure, by taking advantage of its position in a mountain context, surrounded by nature but also well served by public transport and by roads in good conditions and easily accessible. It is also a good opportunity of economic and social renewal for a village with few residents but a good naturalistic potential. The renovation shall pay attention to the urban/landscape integration, be attractive to young families for its ecological lifestyle and its sharing with other families, promote relations between the neighbours to manage everyday life optimising the resources, and offer a quality of life different from the one in major towns and cities, spending time together far from the hectic pace dictated by individualism.
The structure, with its large size and its 4 floors with two different accesses, offers the opportunity to develop cohabitation and synergies, also with common areas, to match needs and resources in a constructive and not handing out approach. The idea is to develop efficient, economic, and eco-friendly homes, for which the environment itself could be an energy source.

Bellano is a town of 3.490 inhabitants in Lombardy, in the province of Lecco, situated on the east bank of Lake Como. To the north it borders Dervio, to the east Valvarrone and Casargo, to the south with Taceno, Parlasco and Perledo, while to the west it borders Lake Como.
It has a railway station on the line Tirano-Lecco. In Bellano there is also a mooring service for the public boat system on lake Como.

Ground Floor
875 m²
First Floor
875 m²
Second Floor
875 m²
Third Floor
875 m²


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Bellano (LC) – Former boarding school Giglio Floorplan