Real estate complex for office use situated near the Porta Nuova area, made up of a tower 90 m. high and by a low and lengthened part “bridge” on via Melchiorre Gioia.
The building, established as headquarters of the Municipality of Milan, is currently not used. The property, thanks to its position in the area recently requalified, is well adaptable to be used as a modern tertiary or office facility.

Via Giovanni Battista Pirellli, 39 - 20124 Milano (MI)


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The property, built in the 60s in the Municipality of Milan, is made up of two buildings, a tower of 28 floors above the ground and a low body that develops along via Melchiorre Gioia, articulated on 7 floors above the ground, with a connection bridge between two buildings realized with a steel structure that develops itself on all the floors. The basement spaces, articulated on three levels for 24.000 m² and destined to be used as parking lot for 727 car parks, are common to both buildings and are located bellow the Piazza Luigi Einaudi. The higher building has a surface of 750 m² per floor while the lower one has a surface of about 1.760 m² per floor. The covering is pitched under which an unused attic has been created. On an urban point of view, the complex is considered on the basis of the current General Regulatory Plan, according to the urban rules of recent formation pursuant to Article 2.1.a.ii of the laws of the Regulation Plan.

The property is situated in the semi-central zone of the Municipality of Milan (1,337,155 inhabitants), Chief Administrative centre of the Province with the same name (3,196,825 inhabitants), 1st Municipality of the Lombardy Region and 2nd Italian Municipality for residents after the Rome Capital. The property is situated along the road that connects the Bastions of Porta Nuova to the Porta Garibaldi area, a few minutes away from the railway station of Porta Garibaldi and the Central station of Milan. The building is close to via Melchiorre Gioia, road of connection importance classified as an urban road between quarters of Class C, and is also serviced by the underground line 2 “Green” “Gioia”. The building is situated close to the area subjected to a recent urban requalification intervention known as Porta Nuova, of the historical quarter known as Isola, and of the new Palace of the Lombardy Region, that hosts the regional, exhibition and commercial offices as well as rooms for conferences, libraries and archives, gardens, an auditorium. Piazza Duomo is 5 km from the property, while the “Bocconi” University is about 6 km away. The international airport of Milan-Linate (5th Italian airport with 9.5 million passengers) is about 9 km from the property.

SLP High body overall
18990 m²
SLP Low boby overall
6074 m²
SLP Low body connection
393 m²
SLP Basements
4458 m²
24600 m²
Milan Municipality PGT rule plan


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