Viterbo – Roccarespampani Castle

The property complex, a splendid example of 17th century rural architecture, is in the Monte Romano Municipality in the Viterbo Province. The Castle is in the countryside, surrounded by marvellous landscapes, and has been run as a farm since 1980. The property is listed in accordance with the Code of Cultural Heritage.

Monte Romano - Monte Romano (VT)


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The property complex, built in the 17th century, has the typical look of medieval fortifications with an annexed outdoor area. The property has a rectangular plan, with two towers rising over the front facade. The complex is arranged on three levels above ground plus an attic. The covered surface area is 3,116 sq m and there is a considerable amount of surrounding land. Since 1980 the estate has been run as a farm by the Municipal Authority, which has begun a large-scale development project that developed and converted the existing structures, so as to increase the returns on farmed products and those based on the breeding of Maremma area cows and horses.

The property complex is in the municipality of Monte Romano (2,072 inhabitants), Viterbo province, in the Roccarespampani hamlet, on the estate of the same name. The landscape in which the complex is located is an impressive plateau given a fan shape by five main waterways and related tributaries, which all flow into the Traponzo and from there into the Marta, an outlet of lake Bolsena. It is in an agricultural area, with plots of land farmed or used for breeding livestock. The hamlet is 30 km south of Viterbo and can be reached on the SS-675 or la SS-1bis main roads. It is 16 km from Vetralla, 15 km from Tarquinia and 20 from the coast.


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