Public auction for the former Pavilion 3 of the Milan Fair (formerly Palazzo dello Sport)

Posted: 29 October 2019

The former Pavilion 3 of the Milan Fair was the first Palazzo dello Sport (Sports Arena) of the Lombardy capital, has been built in 1923 on a project by Arch. Paolo Vietti Violi (1882-1965), designed to host several indoor sport competition, it was then included into the perimeter of the Milan Fair to organize exhibitions and public events. The historic building has been renovated recently (2017), to restore the 4 facades and its ‘Art Nouveau’ decorations.

The pavilion offers nearly 20.000 sqm of exhibiting space, on several levels, which could be dedicated to leisure, wellness and cultural activities of general public interest, in line with the historic and artistic bound linked with the buildings. Commercial activities (sales of products and services) will be allowed for a maximum extension of 2500 sqm and should be in line with building main destination.

Application will be accepted until December 16th by following the indications available at the following  link, to take part to the public auction scheduled for December the 18th in the offices of the Demanio Agency in Via Larga. The starting price is € 14,2 million, and every 3 minutes a €200 thousand rise is permitted. Along the following 60 days a provisional award will be granted, after the viability and conformity assessment of the winning project proposal, conducted by the public bodies in charge.