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Posted: 2 October 2023

The Public Property Agency and the new vision: social impact investments, focus on climate change and the green economy, and asset management according to ESG criteria

Munich, October 4th – The Public Property Agency was back among the real estate players at Expo Real 2023, the international real estate industry and investment fair, which once again the first week of October was the hub connecting many of the sector’s key players: a hub for projects and investments in the presence of all the main segments of the real estate industry. The themes of this year’s edition were in line with the value-to-heritage strategy deployed by the Public Property Agency in recent months: investments with a high social impact, attention to climate change and the green economy, and asset management according to ESG criteria for major real estate investments. For the Agency, which is responsible for managing and enhancing the value of the State’s real estate assets, this was therefore an international showcase and an important networking opportunity with investors, developers and stakeholders.

Within a high-level conference programme, the Agency presented innovative projects and sustainable solutions for the redevelopment and reuse of public buildings, also promoting initiatives of social and cultural interest. Within this framework, and thanks to the operational set-up of the ‘Struttura per la Progettazione’, the Agency offers its international partners the design, engineering, architecture, maintenance and construction of public assets and buildings for Central and Local Authorities. The Agency is a fundamental body for interventions on public buildings, for programme management, guidance, support, analysis and monitoring activities, to guarantee the quality of the works to be realised through urban regeneration and building requalification programmes. The activities put in place also include the guidance, support and monitoring of operational processes for the integrated management and optimal use of State’s real estate assets in order to promote their use by public administrations for institutional purposes, enhancing the rationalisation of spaces for the containment of public expenditure.

Expo Real represented an opportunity for the Agency to share best practice with other international agencies and institutions, paving the way for partnerships and collaborations that can lead to joint projects of international scope, as it was the case in the previous months during a study visit to Freiburg. In this perspective, the presence at Expo Real Munich strengthened the Agency’s presence in the international Pure-net – Public Real Estate Network.

The three-day event in Munich also provided an opportunity to engage in constructive dialogues and discussion round tables with partners and institutions managing the Technical Supportive Instrument (TSI), a key instrument for obtaining technical and financial supportfor projects for the redevelopment and reuse of public real estate, especially those oriented towards environmental sustainability and the improvement of living conditions in cities.