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Rome: in the prime sector in the Historic City Centre, the foreign demand is still European and Northern American

Posted: 10 October 2018

As far as the lease market is concerned, in 2017, 7,874 lease contracts were signed, with a stock turnover of 1,5%.

Rented properties in Rome present an average surface of 81 sqm against the 86 sqm of Italy in general.

In the prime sector, the demand is behaving in the same way, with a generally stable trend which grows in the Historic City Centre, San Giovanni and EUR.

More specifically, as far as lease is concerned, it is recorded a strong foreign demand from Russia, Arab countries and China, mostly in the areas Prati-Balduina and Parioli.

It is worth to notice a new demand in the Ostiense-Garbatella area, which is slowly becoming a trending neighbourhood.