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2015 positive for tourism in Italy

Posted: 23 November 2016

According to ISTAT, or National Institute of Statistics, in 2015 nights spent at tourist were around 392.8 million (+15 million over 2014, equal to 4.0 per cent) and arrivals were 113.4 million (+7 million, equal to +6.4%).

In hotels and similar accomodation establishments nights spent were around 263 million and arrivals 89 million (respectively +3.1% and +5.6% over the previous year).

The average length of stay, about 3 nights per customer, was stable. In other collective accommodation establishments the number of nights spent was 129.8 million (+5.7% over 2014) and arrivals were 24.4 million (+9.2%), thus resulting in an average length of stay of 5.33 (-0.18 over the previous year).