Posted: 11 September 2019

Bids will take place through the Italian Notarial Network (RAN, from its Italian initials)

Rome, 18 July 2019 – The three calls for bids for the sale of 93 properties of the 420 included in the list attached to the Decree of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance – which defines the scope and the methods of action of the extraordinary plan for the disposal of public buildings, as required by the 2019 Italian Budget Law-, are available on-line at www.agenziademanio.it. Starting in January, Agenzia del Demanio (Italian State Property Office) published regional calls for bids for the disposal of assets of A lesser value, while the portfolio proposed to the market today with the above mentioned national calls for bids involves important and valuable properties for a total value of Euro145 million at an upset price. The selection was the subject of an in-depth analysis and segmentation to identify and create a proposal of potential interest for the market, with assets already endowed with suitable uses and compatible with real estate development paths, on which it is possible to invest immediately once purchase procedures have been completed. It is a varied and heterogeneous portfolio of buildings spread from north to south throughout Italy, various types of properties that include residential buildings, commercial buildings, former barracks, former convents, former prisons, land, historic buildings and industrial buildings. Investment opportunities include the following: several former barracks in Trieste and Tarvisio (UD) in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Veneto in Venice – near the Rialto Bridge – a former convent with courtyards and frescoed rooms, palaces, and ex-barracks in the downtown area of Novara in Piedmont; a villa overlooking the sea in Liguria and in Lombardy industrial areas, apartments and a loft on the Navigli in Milan. Investment opportunities in Emilia Romagna include historic buildings in Piacenza and Bologna and in Tuscany, a splendid ancient villa in the countryside of Florence and commercial premises in Piazza del Campo in Siena. There are evocative opportunities such as the cantoniere houses proposed in Umbria, a building complex in the historic center of Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region and the former convent in the downtown area of Sulmona in Abruzzo. The calls for tenders also include an abandoned industrial complex in Molise; in Lazio a beautiful apartment in the downtown area of Rome and Campania, in Caserta, a former barracks surrounded by greenery. A lighthouse on the Ionian coast of Calabria and building sites in Sicily are also for sale. The announcements published differ in terms of expiry of the offer: a shorter deadline, on 15 October, relating to 50 assets and a longer term, set instead on 15 November, for 37 assets that are more demanding from a design standpoint, in order to guarantee interested parties a reasonable time to carry out any due diligences and define real estate development projects. The third call for tenders, also with a deadline of 15 November, concerns 6 properties for which it is possible to submit both a single offer for several lots and offers for individual lots. Public auction sessions will be held electronically through the Network of Italian Notarial Auctions (RAN, from its Italian initials) of the National Council of Notaries and are set in the days immediately following the expiry of the announcement. Agenzia del Demanio – Comunicazione via Barberini 38, 00187 Roma Tel. 06 42367638 dg.relazionimedia@agenziademanio.it www.agenziademanio.it By logging on to the platform from notary offices throughout Italy, it is possible to take part in webbased auctions, even with bids from participants who are hundreds of km away from the property, breaking down the territorial barriers with notarial guarantees and security. All information on tenders, on how auctions are conducted and on methods of participation are available on the website https://www.notariato.it/ran. Auction rules also list financing opportunities that can be implemented by successful bidders, through institutional collaborations that Agenzia del Demanio (Italian State Property Office) has launched with national funding bodies such as Invitalia and Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, to support investments for the purchase of the buildings and to carry out development projects following the purchase. In order to facilitate access to information and participation in auctions, the section ‘State Real Estate Sales Plan’ was created on www.agenziademanio.it, entirely dedicated to current sales, due to which it is possible to ‘enter’ into the properties themselves and get to know them through descriptions, photo galleries and videos. Support material will also be published on the following Facebook page dedicated to the initiative: @pianovenditeimmobilidelloStato. The Agency has also envisaged sales support activities, ensuring on-site inspections and contacts with the individuals for each property. Technical and explanatory information on the assets for sale is also available in the real estate showcase www.investinitalyrealestate.com created by ICE and dedicated to foreign operators.