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The former fire brigade barrack in Imperia is back at auction

Posted: 1 March 2019

The Province of Imperia signs a new auction to try to sell the former Fire Brigade barrack in Via Delbecchi.

The complex includes a building located on the southern border formed by two adjacent and interconnecting building blocks, built in different eras and with different interpoliates. The most dated portion consists of three levels above ground and a paved solar where a portion of the floor is used for attics. The most recent block consists of four floors above ground level. The second building, located on the northern border, consists of a ground floor, located in the frieze of Via Delbecchi.

In 2012 the structure was evaluated by Eng. Enrico Lauretti for a value of about 2.25 mln euro, but the following auctions were deserted, the auction price was reduced to 1.35 mln euro.