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Posted: 12 July 2022

Award of the first tenders related to the calls ended last May: diverse and quality business projects for the win

Rome, 6 July 2022 – The Italian State Property Office continues its activities aimed at identifying those real estate regeneration projects that may give new value to State-owned properties, as well as create development opportunities for the territories. New tendering procedures were published for the concession/lease of eight buildings to be redeveloped from an economic, social, cultural and tourist point of view, all the while ensuring their public use, stemming their deterioration and making them available to the general population. With these calls, the Italian State Property Office entrusts public properties (for a maximum of 50 years) to private operators capable of ensuring their renovation, conversion and good management. More specifically, five buildings are located in Veneto: the Villino Rossi in Schio (VI), the Signalman’s House Roccolo, the Signalman’s House Ronchi and the Former Railway Station of Sottocastello in Pieve di Cadore (BL), as well as the Signalman’s House Bacucco sul Po in Ariano nel Polesine (RO); two buildings are located in Tuscany: Former Fort Pozzarello in Monte Argentario (GR) and Villa Alle Volte (also known as Villa Chigi Farnese) in Siena; lastly, one building in Calabria: the Former Italian Finance Police Barracks in Bova Marina (RC).

The calls are published in the “Gare e Aste” section of the State Property Office’s website at; tenders may submitted until 5 December 2022, 12 AM. In addition to the calls, the supporting documents can be reviewed too both in Italian and English: a Concession/rental Calls Guide, a Business Plan Guide, a Call Review as well as all assets’ presentation sheets.

Over the last few days, the State Property Office’s Tenders Committees have been defining the first awards related to last May’s call. These awards highlighted once more the variety and validity of the business projects submitted: in Calabria, the splendid Palace of Princes Lanza di Trabia in San Nicola Arcella (CS) was awarded in concession to Cosenza’s Fabiano Hospitality S.r.l. (Best Western group), which submitted a renovation project that will respect the original structure while following re-use and eco-sustainability principles. The project provides for 5 suites, a dining area and the renovation and creation of a SPA, as well as various activities to promote the Calabrian territory with its art, its culture and its food and wine traditions.

In Liguria, Villa Lieta in Sanremo (IM) was awarded to the Società A.M. Costruzioni S.r.l., which submitted a tender for the redevelopment of the asset via two different final uses: the renovation and creation of two greenhouses, the Botanical Greenhouse (with botanical itineraries) and the Reading Greenhouse (dedicated to meetings and cultural events); and the renovation of the Annex Building, followed by the creation of a care structure for the elderly and the disabled, who, during their stay, will enjoy not only a part of the garden but also the socialising initiatives that will be organised in view of the asset’s tourist redevelopment.

Moreover, two more properties were awarded in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the Former Ammunition Depot of Monte di Mezzo in Sagrado (GO) was temporarily granted to the commercial farm Azienda Agricola Kante owned by Eddie Kante, a winery of Trieste that is planning to use the complex for both local wine tasting and the historical-tourist promotion of the territory. More specifically, the main building will be used as tourist hosting facilities throughout the year and, during the grape harvest, as accommodation for temporary workers; the galleries will be designated for the storage and ageing of wines in wooden barrels and steel tanks; the outdoor area will be used for events related the promotion of local products, while the many hectares of woods will be preserved for guided tours, hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as used as energy source via the production of wood chips.

A likewise beautiful but different future awaits the Former Small Defensive Barracks of Monte Croce Carnico in Paluzza (UD), temporarily awarded to the Association for the Study and Preservation of North-Eastern Fortifications (ASSFNE), a local historic association that has been operating on the territory and that is planning to use the property as a local history museum with guided tours. Their aim is to create a network with the nearby fortifications already managed by the association for the purpose of offering to the general population a faithful historical testimony of the Great War’s period and of the construction of the Alpine Wall. The spaces will be available to the public (with accesses also for disabled people) for events, school visits, book presentations, photographic exhibitions, historic recurrences and twinning activities with other local associations.

These new re-use and regeneration opportunities concerning State-owned properties fall within the Valore Paese Italia project, a programme promoted by the State Property Office, the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT) and Difesa Servizi S.p.A., in close collaboration with the other ministries and institutional partners involved. The initiative is aimed at pooling, under one single brand, the various thematic networks engaged in the common objective of redeveloping public properties of cultural and natural interest, thus favouring new activities related to sustainable tourism, culture, sports, education, soft mobility and environmental conservation through the use of public-private partnership’s instruments.

In this moment of recovery, the Italian State Property Office thus further consolidates its role of economic development operator, acting as a point of contact for a coordinated planning of exemplary initiatives aimed at strengthening the collaboration between public and private entities and, more importantly, at improving the synergies with other institutional partners.

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