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URBAN REGENERATION: the first calls for the concession of public properties for their renovation and conversion are now closed

Posted: 31 May 2022

The State Property Office initiated the assessment of 25 proposals for the rental of the first 16 state-owned real estate assets.

Calls are still open for 2 properties in Tuscany and 4 in Sicily.

Rome, 25 May 2022 – The first calls for tender for the Valore Paese Italia project -the initiative of the State Property Office for the concession/rental of State-owned investment properties for their redevelopment- are now closed; these properties, currently in decay, have been selected to be economically, socially, culturally and touristically redeveloped in order to be made available for, and open to, public use. The first 16 properties offered received 25 tenders, while the deadline for 2 assets in Tuscany and 4 in Sicily is still July 19th.

With these calls, published on 21 December 2021, the State Property Office entrusts public properties (for a maximum of 50 years) to private operators capable of ensuring their renovation, conversion and good management. The submitted tenders are divided as follows: 7 tenders in Calabria for the beautiful Palace of the Princes Lanza di Trabia in San Nicola Arcella (CS); 2 tenders in Friuli Venezia Giulia for the Former Ammunition Depot of Monte di Mezzo in Sagrado (GO) and 1 tender for the Former Small Defensive Barracks of Monte Croce Carnico in Paluzza (UD); 2 tenders in Campania for the Bastion Sperone in Capua (CE) and 1 tender for the Bastion Gran Maestrato of Saint Lazarus also in Capua (CE); 3 tenders in Liguria for the Villa Vista Lieta (former Villa Boyd) and its appurtenant park in Sanremo (IM); 7 tenders in Lazio for the Former Customs House Tower of Badino in Terracina (LT); 1 tender in Lombardy for the Former Church of Saint Christopher in Mantua and 1 tender also for the Real Estate of Via Stenico in Cremona.

On the other hand, alternative redevelopment projects may be hypothesised for the properties for which no tender was submitted: in Veneto, the Former Signalman’s House Roccolo and the Former Signalman’s House Ronchi, both in Pieve di Cadore (BL), the Former Railway Station Sottocastello in Cadore (BL) and the Former Signalman’s House Bacucco sul Po in Ariano nel Polesine (RO); in Marche, the Lighthouse of the Cardeto in Ancona and the House with Garden Formerly Used as Customs in Grottammare (AP); and in Basilicata, the Former Roadman’s House of the Appulo-Lucano railway network in Irsina (MT).

The calls for the 6 properties still tendering are published in the “Gare e Aste” section of the State Property Office’s website at the deadline for the tenders’ submission is 12.00 AM, 19 July 2022 for the Theatre Ernesto Rossi in Pisa and the Villa Carducci Pandolfini in Florence, both in Tuscany, as well as for the Sicilian properties of the Former Caldieri Barracks of Ortigia in Syracuse (SR), the Former Real Madhouse in Palermo, the Former Convent and Prison of San Vito in Agrigento and the Former Signalman’s House Villa Margi in Reitano (ME). In addition to the calls, the supporting documents can be reviewed too both in Italian and English: a Concession/rental Calls Guide, a Business Plan Guide, a Call Review as well as all assets’ presentation sheets.

The submitted tenders are now being assessed: for this purpose, Tenders Committees have been set up in order to assess the tenders thus submitted following the “most advantageous tender in economic terms” criterion, awarding 80% of the scoring to qualitative, technical and design elements and the remaining 20% to the economic aspects of the tender (fees and duration of the concession). The assessment of each project shall take into account the following qualitative elements: properties’ renovation and conversion solutions, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, tourism opportunities, contribution to local sustainable development and the chance to create a network between multiple structures through a network of shared services and activities. Tenders must comply with the development guidelines of the territories in which these properties are located, as well as with the guidelines of the Valore Paese Italia project, the programme promoted by the State Property Office, the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT) and Difesa Servizi S.p.A., in close collaboration with the other ministries and institutional partners involved. The initiative is aimed at pooling, under one single brand, the various thematic networks engaged in the common objective of redeveloping public properties of cultural and natural interest, thus favouring new activities related to sustainable tourism, culture, sports, education, soft mobility and environmental conservation through the use of public-private partnership’s instruments.

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