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Valore Paese Italia – Details

The initiative

Valore Paese Italia is a project promoted by all the ministries involved, Invitalia, Institute for Sports Credit, Anas, Anci – FPC and operators of slow tourism and soft mobility. The initiative aims to restore and to enhance the public assets by combining tourism, culture, environment and sustainable mobility through the synergy among all the institutions involved, gathered in a network with the purpose of relaunching the tourist sector.

Boosting sustainable tourism

Valore Paese Italia is an integrated cross project which, also in the light of the economic crisis caused by the health emergency during the last months, aims to increase the tourist and cultural offer and to promote different locations by creating a national network of excellence. The tourist and cultural projects are intended to encourage slow and sustainable mobility, as well as to enhance public real estate assets in the territories involved.

The role of public assets

In the wake of previous initiatives, Valore Paese Italia is the result of a shared strategic vision and aims to activate nationally combined initiatives by creating a highly recognizable and distinctive network between the institutions involved.