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Villa Antinori for sale, home to Mona Lisa and Chianti

Posted: 2 August 2016

Every house has a story. Every room retains an infinite memory of facts, objects and people. And while, for most houses, what remains imprisoned in the walls are the memories of private events, there are cases in which the history of a house belongs to everyone, because something has made it known to the outside world.

This is the case for Villa Antinori di Monte Aguglioni, a few kilometres from Florence, for sale for about € 20 million, the house where Mona Lisa lived. From 1498 to 1517 Villa Antinori belonged to the Del Giocondo family.

And there’s more: the façade of the Villa, with its Italian style garden to the front, is itself an icon, featuring on the label of one of the most famous Chianti Classici. In 1928 the Marquis Nicholó Antinori began to produce a Chianti that was ideal for aging, an innovative project for its time. The Marquis wanted to proudly associate the wine with the villa in whose grounds the grape was produced and in whose cellars the wine itself was preserved.