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Rents: prices are close to pre-crisis values

Posted: 3 December 2018

For the fourth year in a row, rents continue to rise (+ 3.1%) to pre-crisis levels of 10 years ago, with monthly average prices lower by only 5.8% compared to 2009 (€641). T

his is what emerges from the “Rental Report 2018” by Solo Affitti.

The report underlines the demand from young couples and travel workers. In cities like Milan, Bologna and Cagliari it takes less than a month to rent a home.

Milan, with an average of 1,161 euros a month for furnished houses, it is the most expensive capital of Italy for rents, with prices over 25% higher than in Rome (€925) and almost 58% compared to Florence (€736).

Catanzaro (€379), Perugia (€417) and Potenza (€426) also remain the cheapest district capitals this year.