Call for tenders launched for renting “case cantoniere”

Posted: 22 July 2016

A call for tenders has been presented for rental of the first 30 “case cantoniere”, or “road workers buildings”, owned by Anas.

Tourism, culture, hospitality, food and drink are the types of service that the case cantoniere included in this pilot project will need to provide, to their clients throughout the country. The call for tenders is aimed at start-ups, entrepreneurs, consortiums, firms, associations and cooperatives.

For the purposes of awarding the winners, an ability to develop a project that is both economically viable and consistent with the objectives of the model put forward by Anas will count. Refurbishment of each building is Anas’s responsibility and the licensee will pay a rent plus a variable amount based on turnover. The contractor will be chosen on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender. Licences will last 10 years.

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