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Bologna: a future for Sani Barrack

Posted: 23 December 2016

CDP Investimenti Sgr announces an international competition requesting proposals for a  master plan linked to the future destination of the Sani Barracks in Bologna.

The redevelopment of the complex- which is property of the Fund FIV- Extra, managed by the asset management company, is part of the approved plan of operations by the Municipality of Bologna, named “Regeneration of assets”.

Now it is necessary  draw the correct mix of functions for the former military site in the Navile district.
The functional floor space of about 54,000 square meters should accommodate public housing units, social, residential as well as commercial and office space for functions, collective facilities and services including a school and a public park.

The competition is functional to the Memorandum of Understanding between the CDP Sgr and the Municipality and is shared into two phases: the first application through curriculum and project proposal and the second, reserved for the five team which have presented the development of the master plan. They will be selected, among the candidates, a maximum of four competitors in the senior section (aged designers more than 39 years) and at least one finalist will be selected among people under 39.

Each participant team to the second phase will be eligible for a refund of EUR 15,000 euro. CDP Sgr also reserves the right to give to the winner the mandate to prepare the implementation plan of the urban property complex. All documents are available to website.


Source: Patrimonio Pubblico Italia website (