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Posted: 8 June 2023

The redevelopment projects of the buildings already awarded and the proposals received for the latest tenders were presented, while the Network Projects have been enriched with new thematic networks and implementation tools for the Third Sector. New calls coming for the summer.

Rome, 29 May 2023 – The State Property Office continues its work of recovery and reuse of its real estate assets through the activities related to the Network Projects: complex initiatives, of a national nature, for the regeneration of non-instrumental public assets of cultural, identity and landscape value, for their economic, social and cultural redevelopment. A few days ago, the public tenders for 16 buildings to be entrusted in concession to subjects able to take charge of their redevelopment and good management, saving them from degradation and ensuring their public use, combining the themes of tourism, culture, environment and soft mobility, were closed: 15 proposals have been received which will now be evaluated by the Office’s Tenders Committees. In particular, very interesting feedback came from the Capo Comino Lighthouse in Siniscola (NU), which received 7 offers and Villa Carducci Pandolfini in Florence, with 3 offers.

Tenders also arrived for five other properties among those in the call: the De Amicis barracks in Sulmona (AQ), the “Il Colle” roadman’s house in Terracina (LT), the Military Warehouse in Pizzighettone (CR), the Calafuria Tower in Livorno and the Social Theatre of Amelia (TR).
While the activity of selecting new redevelopment proposals continues, the Office has assigned in concession/rental some assets of great artistic and landscape interest located in history and natural beauty-rich contexts: the former Caldieri barracks of Ortigia in Syracuse, Pozzarello Fort in Monte Argentario (GR), the splendid Villa Chigi Alle Volte in Siena, the Gran Maestrato di S. Lazzaro in Capua (CE) and the Teatro Rossi in Pisa, the only one to have been assigned a free concession as required by the tender notice.

Here are the details of the redevelopment projects that will start in the coming months:

  • The Bastion Gran Maestrato of Saint Lazarus, also in the Municipality of Capua (CA), was awarded to the temporary consortium lead by the non-profit organisation Hakuna Matata. Its project provides for the creation of a high-quality food and beverage venue tied to local traditions and productions, as well as to new functions, such as: cultural, social, creative, sports and environmental activities;
  • The former Caldieri Barracks of Ortigia in Syracuse has been entrusted to ZANCLE 757 S.r.l.. The project proposal provides for the redevelopment of the property in line with the environmental constraints and the construction of a high-class accommodation facility with annexed complementary services: cultural events, temporary or permanent exhibitions and conferences open to the public will be organized in the spaces of the former church and in the courtyards, with the promotion of food and wine products and handicrafts typical of the area. Art workshops and the development of experiential tourism initiatives with the discovery of local products are also envisioned. A collaboration with high gastronomy schools will also be launched;
  • For the former Pozzarello Fort in Monte Argentario (GR), the tender of the Ss. Sacramento e Misericordia Confraternity in Porto Santo Stefano was selected as the best one, with its recovery project including the creation of a permanent museum as a place of time and memory which will host art and photographic exhibitions and other cultural initiatives; an open-air theatre, a place for hosting groups (such as scouts, sportsmen) and spaces open to citizens for cultural and recreational activities, meditation and school activities, as well as a food court and an information point;
  • For Villa Chigi in Siena, GA.VI. S.r.l. was selected as the best tender, with a redevelopment project that plans to create a multifaceted hub in the historic residence, i.e. a centre of artistic and socio-cultural, gastronomic, congress activities, with spaces for the promotion of workshops by local artisans, exhibitions and presentations of typical local products, as the unifying centre of a dense network of businesses and local operators to transform the villa into a meeting place and exchange of professionalism;
  • For the Teatro Rossi in Pisa, the best tender was made by “GDS ARTS Management di Guglielmo De Stasio Sas” and it involves the creation of a new cultural centre for entertainment activities with spaces dedicated to museum functions and spaces to be used for temporary exhibitions and conferences, theatre laboratory/rehearsal room and executive office.

In the light of the success of these awards, of the new proposals received by the State Property Office for the tenders that have just closed and, above all, of the activities started in the already recovered assets, the Network Projects have been enriched with new thematic networks and new implementation tools: alongside the consolidated networks of Lighthouses, Watchtowers and Coastal Buildings and Hikes and Itineraries, starting from today, the Forts and Fortifications, Villages and Inland Areas, Accessible Tourism and Third Sector Entities will join in the network. The latter is an initiative dedicated to the promotion of innovative initiatives for the redevelopment of unused public buildings owned by the State, to be entrusted to Third Sector Entities in order to recover disused assets and encourage the development and promotion of general interest activities on the national territory, aimed at increasing the economic and social value of state buildings.

To facilitate this activity, the Office has decided to experiment with new implementation tools alongside the already consolidated ones of the redevelopment concession/rental and of the concession/rental for use free of charge: this is the facilitated concession pursuant to Art. 71, par. 3 of Legislative Decree no. 117/2017. It is an instrument introduced by the Third Sector Code for the awarding of restricted and not used public buildings, at a subsidized rent, to Third Sector Entities registered in the Single National Register of the Third Sector, in order to ensure their conservation and openness to public use for activities of social interest – cultural, artistic, recreational, editorial promotion and dissemination of culture and the practice of volunteering, of general interest, tourism of social, cultural or religious interest – in response to local needs (the basin territorial reference), in line with the policies and culture of the territory, respecting the history of the property and the reference environmental landscape system.

The Office will publish the first tranche of tenders for 2023 at the beginning of the summer.
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