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ITALY AT IHIF 2023: 15TH – 17TH MAY 2023

Posted: 17 May 2023


ITA – Italian Trade Agency took part to the International  Hospitality Investment Forum (IHIF), from May 15 to May 17 2023 at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin, with an Info & Investment Desk at the Italian Hospitality Lounge (Stand 90), and in collaboration with Associazione Italiana Confindustria Alberghi (AICA) and Invitalia, it carried out the activity of foreign investment attraction in Italy, with a special focus on the Italian offer in the hospitality sector.

More than 2,500 hotel owners, investors, as well as designers and architects participated to the world’s leading annual event for the hospitality industry, that brought together decision-makers and tourism management professionals who advised investors and hotel owners on strategic decisions.

The theme of the event was “Fortune Favors the Bold”, where it delved into what makes the hospitality industry such an enduring success story, despite the macroeconomic difficulties it is facing, such as inflation and rising interest rates.

In addition, the events agenda of May 16th included the seminar “Hospitality Investment in Italy: Exploring new opportunities” held at 1 p.m., in which the director of ICE BerlinFrancesco Alfonsi, participated among other speakers.

Italy proves to be a very attractive country for foreign investment in the hospitality sector, especially as it continues to be an extremely popular destination among tourists. In January 2023, tourist flows to Italy generated tourism spending of 121 million euros, three times as much as January 2022. All the most accredited statistics published in the last six months confirm the strong resilience of the Italian economy. The tourism and hotel sector appears to be one of the fastest recovering sectors, especially in cities such as Florence, Rome, Venice and Milan.

In 2022, Italian real estate investments in hospitality sector reached 1.5 billion euros. Casting a different light, however, is the comparison with European neighbours, for example Germany arriving in 2022 at 2 billion euros.

At the European level, the hotel sector remains resilient to the macroeconomic situation. In particular, for Italy, 2022 was a very important year on the capital markets investment side, with strong interest in the luxury market.