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According to a survey by the Bank of Italy on the housing market in Italy, carried out on a sample of real estate agents from the 27th March to 29th of April 2024, during the first quarter of the year, most operators believed house prices to be prevalently stable, while the share of operators who reported an increase in prices increased from +9.2% to +13.9%, with respect to the previous survey.

There are promising signs for the market: buyers perceive lesser difficulties in obtaining a loan for the purchase of a house, while it is highlighted that the percentage of purchases financed by mortgage has returned to grow for the first time since the end of 2022, standing at 62.5%; the upward trend in rental fees is confirmed, reaching a new high since the beginning of the survey.

Agents’ optimism about both short and long-term sales expectations has also increased.

For the non-residential real estate market, the statistics of the first quarter of 2024 of the Real Estate Market Observatory -Revenue Agency- have been published, which confirm the growth of the non-residential market, with a volume of about 54 thousand units bought, showcasing an increase of +0.8% compared to the first quarter of 2023.

The greater part concerns the real estate with tertiary and commercial destinations, with a volume of more than 32 thousand sales.

Office and Production properties’ sales have increased by +10%, with a total of 3,300 units with an office destination sold on the national market, 300 more than in the first quarter of 2023, while, commercial real estate sales have grown, with almost 10,300 units, with a growth of +6.5% with respect to the same period from 2023.

This increase is wider in the smaller municipalities, with a growth of +7.8%, while the volumes have augmented in all areas of Italy, in particular in the Centre and Northwest.