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Nomisma Overview 2016: signs of recovery for real estate

Posted: 14 July 2016

After 8 years of recession, weak signs of recovery appear for real estate market, not only on the residential but also for business, although the outlook remains uncertain. The timid recovery, however, reveals an unexpected fragility until a few months ago. In the continental picture, characterised by a progressive weakening of growth prospects, the unexpected outcome of the referendum for Great Britain’s permanence within the European Union served as an outstanding trigger for a new phase of uncertainty and instability.

On this subject, the first signs seem to be rather encouraging, all things considered, thus providing yet another demonstration of ECB’s abilities to mediate and subrogate within potentially devastating hotbeds.

So, after the first quarter, when there has been a general increase in all real estate sectors, with an increase of sales by 17.3% year on year (residential +20,6% and commercial +14,5%), in the second quarter there was a slowdown. While the forecast for the rest of the year shows the effects of increasing uncertainty on prices, expected flat or slightly negative.

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